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July 14, 1934 Norwich Sun


When Father Sinnott, pastor of St. Bartholomew's church, had his audience with Pope Pius XI on May 24 he received permission from the Pope to give to his parishioners the apostolic or papal blessing on his return home. This special blessing of the Pope, Father Sinott will give Sunday morning after the eight-thirty mass. for those who receive it will be the same as if they were kneeling before the Pope and receiving it personally from him.

Also after the same Mass will be blessed! a magnificent mother-of-pearl crucifix which Father Sinnott bought in Jerusalem as a remembrance of his pilgrimage to the Holy City and which he is presenting to the church of St. Bartholomew as a gift. The crucifix stands five feet in height and is all hand carved of mother-of-pearl depicting the baptism of Christ, His agony in the garden, His resurrection, the instruments of the passion, the four evangelists and small statues of Sts. Peter and Paul together with the DeVinci grouping of the last supper. it is a real work of art and was made by pearl carvers in Bethlehem.

As it is also the anniversary of Father Sinnott's ordination to the priesthood, which took place July 15, 1917 in Rome, the junior choir under the direction of Miss Kate Griffin with Leland Benedict at the organ, will sing appropriate hymns.

To all attending either the sis-thirty or eight-thirty Mass souvenir cards of Jerusalem having on them flowers from the Holy Land and the following inscription: "Remembrance of the pilgrimage of Father Sinnott to the Holy Land, April 1934" will be given.


The crucifix can be seen at either mass or during the day. it will be placed on a pedestal in the sanctuary. Non-Catholics as well as Catholics are invited to see it.

In July 2010 arrangements were made with West Lake Conservators in Skaneateles NY to examine and estimate the cost of restoring the mother-of-pearl crucifix.  West Lake Conservators examination and initial restoration process estimated to take approximately 16 weeks would cost $3150.00  After which the Jerusalem Crucifix would be sent to My Paul R. Bordeaux in Malone NY an artist who specializes in mother of pearl inlay. His cost will be an additional $1500.00

Synopsis of West Lake examination and work done

We have reached an impasse with the cross.  We have it cleaned, inside and out after removing the glass in the temple openings.  I purchased Mother of Pearl Blanks and a special saw. We cut several missing flat blanks to replace those missing and now the remainder missing Mother of Pearl requires more specialize equipment and skill.  This project was very difficult to estimate how long it would take.  We have used up all the estimated labor and then some attempting to cut fussy missing pieces.   My proposal says minimally missing pieces will be recreated but not scored or etched. Optionally a more precise approach would be to have the missing pieces including the filigree reproduced faithfully.  So far all the pieces we have been able to cut and replace are straight edged.  We can not cut the missing leafs on the cross without them breaking.  So,  I have contacted 3 mother of pearl artists recommended by the material supplier and selected one in NYS capable of recreating the etched missing pieces fairly faithfully and the missing filigree (with cut outs).  I have also e mailed him scale pictures and attempted to make templates of the missing pieces.  We have re-glued all the dislodged pieces except those that will possibly be needed to copy.   I have also made impressions with dental wax.   From the initial study of the problem I asked the artist to give me a high low scenario of possible cost. He gave me a sliding range of possible cost $600 to $1800 I think dependant upon actually seeing the pieces he will need to copy and how much of the filigree we replace.  The cross has  a whole row of the filigree missing. I am attaching an image of the temple cleaned with the dislodged pieces held in place with blue tape to see what is actually missing. 

Pre restoration pictures

The total cost of restoration at this point is $4665.00. To date $4064.00 has been donated leaving a balance needed of $601.00. If you are able to contribute towards the balance needed please make your check to St. Bartholomew church with a notation in the memo line of Jerusalem Crucifix. Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to offer.

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